Jennifer Kaiser

Vice President

Jennifer Kaiser specializes in finding and telling the stories – matched to the right media – for nonprofits to build the connections that expand giving. 

Stories tell us why.

“Why should I care?” is the first question any communication piece must answer.  And the answer is in your stories.  

I joined Mary as a grant proposal writer for Roosevelt University shortly after she launched Kaiser Group in 1999.  One of those proposals garnered a million dollar pledge.  

In the ensuing years, I became the regular direct mail writer for several cultural institutions, including MCA San Diego, Lincoln Park Zoo, and The Field Museum.  I also worked on warming up annual reports, newsletters, brochures, and more.  

Then the internet and email bloomed in our midst.  My role as storyteller began to expand to strategist. How do organizations catch and hold attention in the media onslaught of today? Which of the old ways do we continue; which of the new ones do we adopt?  What are the most efficient ways to engage the hearts and minds of donors?

This work came full circle by 2016, when I returned to grant writing, applying all that I’ve learned over the years to the challenge of helping InnerCity Struggle in Los Angeles, California raise $5 million in capital grants to build their first community-owned headquarters. Their new Youth and Community Center opened in 2019 supported by major gifts from multiple private and public grantors secured within just three years. 

Today, I work on special projects for organizations working toward the greater wellbeing of all people and the planet. Contact me to discuss your story-telling challenge at