Monica Kaiser

Vice President

Monica Kaiser translates data and research into information nonprofits can use to improve fundraising, program quality, and community buy-in.

And yes, more fun…

I have provided research and evaluation consulting services to nonprofits for more than 20 years.  With Kaiser Group, I use my evaluation background in new, and yes more fun ways to help organizations succeed.  My goal is to help people strengthen their skills to understand, collect and use data – and only the data that are most relevant.  You can’t make me happier than to say, “Wow.  I used to hate data, but I get it now.”

I’ve had one foot in research and one foot in nonprofits my entire career.  I graduated from Boston College (years ago) ready to put my Sociology Honors Graduate skills to work.  I immediately began doing program evaluation at a social service agency in Chicago and then with the Center for Prevention and Research Development at the University of Illinois.  After moving to LA, I became a Senior Researcher and Director of Operations with Lodestar Management/Research.  With Lodestar for almost 10 years, I led large-scale evaluation projects of youth development & education programs and managed the research staff.

Fifty clients and 100s of analyses, reports & presentations later, I was ready to fill my unique niche as a research & evaluation “translator” for Kaiser Group clients.  

My favorite part of the work is training your team to gain a better understanding of how to use evaluation, research and logic models effectively.  I have trained dozens of agencies throughout California to become better consumers and users of evaluation.  With my ongoing clients, I’ve worked to improve how they collect data and written data-based reports and promotional documents to help them communicate their results.  My work for clients such as Woodcraft Rangers, Proyecto Pastoral and the California Charter School Association has also been disseminated via conferences, websites and national research publications.

 “Monica was wonderful! She did a great job of breaking down the concepts for very easy understanding.”

- Participant in Kaiser Group workshop for Families In Schools

I may not sound like a fundraiser, but the services I provide get your work to stand out from others – by establishing credibility and impressing with its results-focus — which can lead to better fundraising.     

Check out my LinkedIn for more detail about my experience and background!